Introducing MEGAPOMPS: The game system with just one table. No classes, no attributes, no hit points; just doing stuff. If you want to do a thing, figure out the skill & difficulty, roll a d20, and check the one table. The GM will figure it out. This one system covers shooting a dude, jumping over a hole, buying a car, fixing a robot, sneaking into a bakery, spotting a rat, stabbing a rat, cooking a rat, and treating diarrhea—MEGAPOMPS does it all. MEGAPOMPS is based loosely on (and also plagiarizes) J.E. Sawyer's “Simple” system, which was just not simple enough. There isn’t a specific game world tied to the MEGAPOMPS system, though it was designed with an eye toward “Fallout”, a post-apocalyptic nuclear survival series.

To learn more, download the manual.

To make a character, download the character sheet template (DOCX, RTF, PDF). You may also want to use the MEGAPOMPER 2600, a tool which will give you a custom dice roll table for your character.

To run a MEGAPOMPS game, just imagine some stuff and then do it. If running the game remotely, I recommend WebEx or GoToMeeting.